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HolidayTravelWatch is an organisation whose primary aim is to assist holidaymakers or travellers who have suffered as a result of travel problems. It is a further goal is to act as a resource, provide information, advice and assistance to those who use our services. It also wishes to promote better health and safety warnings for the holidaymaker or traveller. 

Having built their first Customer Management System 10 years ago, Astute Media are now involved in every aspect of HoliodayTravelWatch’s on and offline marketing delivery.

The current website drives higher levels of conversion (measured by enquiries) that have previously been experienced. Astute Media’s tight planning and management of Adwords campaigns have delivered a reduction in cost whilst increasing conversion considerably, all whilst consulting on SEO which has seen a year on year growth of quality organic traffic.

Future planning and investment decisions for HolidayTravelWatch are being aided by Astutemetrics’ deployment of sophisticated on and offline tracking techniques.

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Project Details

  • The Client: Holiday Travel Watch
  • We did: Website design / PPC / SEO
  • Date: Since September 2012 - Work in progress...
  • Visit site: www.holidaytravelwatch.com

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