Social Media Strategy

There is still uncertainty surrounding social media. The same questions crop up: ‘What are the best posts to post?’ ‘What type of content and creative should we be using?’ ‘How much should we spend?’ ‘How can we turn traffic into conversions?” And this is where we can help.


  • Concept
  • Connect
  • Control

The most important answer we give is that social media is more than just a communication platform. It is a way of engaging with an audience. A solid connection that leads to the creation of a social community.

When you ask us to devise a social media strategy for you, our first task is to identify your social audiences and their interests. To do so, we adopt a strategic approach. We carry out the necessary research and analysis, through social listening tools, theoretical frameworks and an online audit. You can then effectively deliver your brand message, achieve that all important audience connection, increase your advocates and generate a return on your investment.