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LinkedIn is one of the biggest platforms for B2B networking and lead generation around the globe. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn has seen continued growth in users despite increased competition of larger platforms that came after it such as Google and Facebook.

Over 75.6% of the working population in the UK have a LinkedIn account which is why you need to make LinkedIn work hard for your business.

Helping you to get on

Our custom designed LinkedIn training course is designed specifically for those looking to accelerate their LinkedIn presence and start to generate more prospective business leads. 

Over the duration of the course we will help you understand why LinkedIn is an important platform for businesses. We will get you started with your LinkedIn presence and ensure that you can navigate your way through profiles and business pages. We will also help you learn how to maintain your pages effectively, what types of content you should be posting and how to utilise 'hash tags' on the platform. 

Finally, we will help you in getting conversations started on LinkedIn and show you how LinkedIn Ads and sponsored content will help grow your business and increase your abilities to generate more leads. 

Our course is an interactive work-shop experience designed to get you engaged with LinkedIn and provide you with the core skills to implement into your business and make LinkedIn work for you!

You will even get a certificate so that you can proudly show off your knowledge to colleagues and clients!

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