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A Year On From Lockdown 1.0

Today marked one year since the Prime Minister announced the first national lockdown. Everybody's lives changed and many of us lost family or friends to Covid-19. A minute's silence was held today to remember those victims and give us time to reflect.

Posted Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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As we look forward to restrictions lifting, we have looked back at what it meant for us as a business and how we adapted to survive and pave a way ahead as life returns to normal.

Probably the biggest change has been the fact that we are all working from home. Each of our roles within the agency means that we don’t have to necessarily be in the office to perform our tasks. As we move back to normality, we feel that we can still continue to work in this way whist attending the office once or twice a week. Any clients who would like face to face meetings can still be accommodated n the office or we simply travel to them. It means that staff morale stays high and we can all still manage home lives and work lives with the intended balance! If members of staff want to work from the office they can, entirely up to them.

The second biggest change, but the biggest in terms of our offering as an agency, has been our move into providing training courses. Using the combined knowledge of the team at Astute Media we have developed a number of marketing based training courses. We can impart our knowledge to people who can utilise these skills for themselves in their businesses to help to drive through the difficult environment.

Our courses are specifically aimed at the role that digital marketing can play for businesses particularly on a local level. If you would like more information you can view them here.

So on reflection the agility of our agency has been a saving grace for us, and allowed us to focus our skills and knowledge in other directions. It has opened up other avenues whilst the old roads are still walked along as we engage with our existing clients on websites, SEO, tradition design and print and many other areas of marketing.

We are excited about the future, and not just the fact we may even be able to celebrate down the pub with a pint together!