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Our agency - first established in 1990 as a traditional marketing agency, has transitioned into a fully integrated, digital-first agency with skills across all marketing channels.

Fast forward 30 years and we are still going, and growing, in Solihull - developing our expertise to help our clients thrive in the online world of business. We are very aware that no two clients are affected in the same way by market conditions. So we continue to innovate, develop and maintain our forward thinking, to ensure we are able to provide a complete bespoke marketing solution for each of our clients. 

We love the challenge. We adore the process. Above all, we care about business and your business success. Since the Millennium we’ve worked with a broad range of clients, from local enterprises to international corporations. We have consistently exceeded expectations, bringing results through our individual brand of expertise.

Below you can meet the team that make up Astute Media.

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Jeremy Bailey



managing director

Jeremy has 35 years’ agency experience in Marketing Communications, spending much of his early career in London, working on such accounts as Guinness, Philips, Parker Pen and Unilever. This early experience shaped his thinking on the importance of brand development and brand communications, which remains a central focus for the agency today.

Read about how Jeremy built up Astute Media from scratch and continues to evolve our services in our blog post here.



Jeremy Bailey

James Ebdon-Muir



digital account director

Working with international clients he has proven himself in the execution of international digital strategies helping one of the biggest tyre manufactures in the world develop their digital footprint. Responsible for a global web project James has a proven track record in SEO, Content Management Systems, Analytics, Campaigns, Social Media and email Platforms.

A keen hockey player James also enjoys walking with George (beloved doggo and part-time agency mascot).

Favourite things: Spending time with wife Jo and dog George, track days, eating out.

Most likely to be the one who: orders the steak or wants a BBQ


James Ebdon-Muir

Mike Green



senior creative

Mike has over twenty years’ experience as a graphic designer since graduating from Coventry University with a degree in design. Before joining the agency 16 years ago, Mike developed considerable skills in exhibition design and brand development. Since then, he has worked with many agency clients.

"I'm a designer who loves branding work (big or small) and thrives on a design challenge."

Favourite Quote: "Never eat the head of a Turbot"



James Johnson



senior creative

James has also amassed over 20 years’ experience in a marketing environment, having discovered a love for creative problem-solving at one of the largest marketing agencies in the Midlands region. He particularly thrives on trying to find the simplest, cleanest way possible to visually express an idea.

Most likely to be: Found at the Table Football being hyper-competitive

What are you 3 favourite things? My wife and 2 boys!


Paul McMichael



Account Director

Paul is one of the stalwarts of Astute Media and has been here since the very beginning. Ever reliable with years of experience of marketing communications, Paul is the 'go-to' man when thinking of innovative ways to print things!

Favourite things? BBQs, Truffle Crisps, Old School Rhythm and Blues

Inspirational Quote? Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams


Bob Mountford



Client Development Manager

Bob has spent his entire career in sales, marketing and event management roles, working on the client-side for Land Rover, Volkswagen Group and T-Systems and on the agency side for response management and creative agencies. His role as Astute Media involves enabling clients to communicate a message to their customers that moves them at the moments that matter.

Where are your favourite places to be? Enjoying the outdoors whether that be in the garden, travelling to the Arctic Circle or warmer climates.


Michael Smith



digital & social media

Having earned his Masters in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism Michael wanted to apply his new-found knowledge in the world of marketing.

Working closely with our Social Media clients he drives and enhances their social media footprint regularly achieving client's goals and aspirations.

Why do you enjoy working at Astute Media? I love working at Astute Media as every day brings something new. It does sound corny but it really is true.

Three favourite things? Starbucks coffee, Gaming/VR, Creative Storytelling



Michael Smith

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