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Covid-19 Update

Dealing with the Coronavirus rollercoaster is affecting us all. How to keep our businesses afloat - how to adapt to ensure we're doing new things where required to continue generating revenue.

You're not alone - read about what we're doing and how this can help you.

Posted Tuesday, December 15, 2020

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facing the challenges

One of the major challenges has been how to connect with customers when physical business locations are closed or customers are unable to transact in traditional ways. We believe the key here is to be where your customers are.

And more and more this is online. As many customers are having to stay home, they are searching, exploring, researching, communicating and purchasing online.

Maintaining a connection with your customers right now is really important: offering more information, support and guidance. Customers' interaction with you in this way can really impact trust and brand loyalty.

Whilst most of us will have a presence online, we may not be maximising this opportunity. A few important things to consider:

  • Have you got a social media presence?
  • Are your social posts relevant to what's going on at the moment?
  • Is your social content varied enough to keep customers engaged?
  • Is your website maximised for SEO?
  • Are you keeping your website up-to-date with current trends and news?
  • Have you owned your Google My Business profile?
  • Do you update your Google My Business to maximise local search opportunities?

how we are adapting and helping our customers

Many businesses (including our own customers) are facing all kinds of budget cuts - so at Astute Media we realised we too needed to adapt.

We needed a new service that was really relevant to our customers - one that could really help them face the challenges above: meeting customers online - and maximising online presence. Many businesses don't have funds to employ agencies to do this for them - so we realised we could use our expertise to equip companies with the skills to do this themselves.

And so we have developed a range of training courses to do just that.

  • Attract More Customers Through Google - learn how to master the basics of SEO and Google My Business to get your website working harder for you
  • Creating Visual Content Effortlessly - use your phone camera and exciting apps to make the images on your social posts really stand out
  • Generating Leads Through LinkedIn - learn how to create engaging posts, how to start great conversations, how to build your network and how to use LinkedIn ads
  • Social Media - The Basics - focused on Facebook: discover how to post effectively, manage your profile, target ads and grow your following.
  • Social Media Management Tools - save yourself time and money by using a management platform to plan content and schedule posts across your social channels
  • Twitter For Business - learn all about trends, hashtags, lists and networking to grow your business and lead generation opportunities
  • Content Marketing Training - find out what content is right for your business on social and use this to create a strategy that will positively impact your business
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