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Re-launching After Lockdown

April 12th is going to be a big day for many retail outlets and hospitality businesses. We will be allowed out to the shops and start to socialise, all be it at a safe distance!

Posted Friday, April 9, 2021

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Although there are many aspects of running a business that you need to consider when coming out of lockdown, we are just suggesting some top line thoughts about how to get your message out locally. So what does this mean for your marketing and what you should be thinking about doing.

The major point is to think digitally!

1.Make sure your Google My Business profile is up to date.

Many of us will have changed our profiles to account for opening times during the lockdown. Ensure that you revisit your profile and bring all of your details up to date. GmB is a major factor in the exposure of your business at a local level so this is something you must get on top of!

2.Post Pictures on your GmB

Whilst looking at your opening times make sure that you have some up to date relevant pictures on your profile. Maybe take some of opening morning as the first customers come in and place that on your GmB photo collection.

3.Consider what you do on your social media profiles

Whilst keeping your GmB profile up to date will keep Google in the loop with your business make sure you are letting your fans know what is happening and when you are re-opening.
Maybe you are having a sale type event to clear out old stock, celebrate the re-opening with an event and publish it on your social media channels.

Consider some paid ads on Facebook highly targeted to your local catchment area. Using Facebook ads you will also manage to target audiences with specific interests in your products.


Join up with other businesses through social to attract visitors to the local area and back to the shops and restaurants. Don’t try and do it all on your own. A collective budget could be used for creative expertise with graphics or visuals.

These are just some initial ideas and thoughts that you can put into action over the next few days and weeks as we go towards full freedom! If you want to discuss these ideas or talk through anything relating to just give us a call.