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Task Trak Live - Developing a Route to Market

A brand new app with a niche area of usage that could be applied in other situations with a bit of lateral thinking…how do you go about marketing it?

Posted Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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Lorne Walters, of Value Stream Experts(VSE), approached Astute Media after attending one of our digital marketing seminars. Working in the field of Lean Management, Lorne had developed an app that effectively allowed people to track their progress on tasks, with line managers being able to view reports. The problem he was trying to solve was how to bring it to market. He asked Astute Media for our help.

The first thing we did was to take the product back to its beginnings and try to understand what it did, why it was different and who would be the target market. Initial conversations led us to think that this would actually be a great app that virtually everyone could use to track everyday tasks in virtually any line of work. However, realising that this market is highly populated with free apps, this was discounted, and we turned our attention to the way in which the app fits in with the practice of Lean Management.

This specialist area of managing process driven tasks had particular needs when trying to manage teams on a day to day basis. The app designed by a practitioner then started to have a life and an identity. This viewpoint allowed us to evolve our thinking and shape a clear value proposition.

Knowing where the focus would be we could then start to brief the design team to develop a brand identity for this app. Keeping it separate from its parent company of VSE, the Brand identity of Task Trak Live started to take shape.

The design team developed outline corporate brand guidelines, which allowed the development of the app to be finished and styled accordingly. A small website was developed to support the app during launch and listings for the App Store and Google Play Store were developed.

The app has now launched and we are eagerly waiting to see how it performs in its first few months. You can see the Task Trak Live website and entries in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.