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The importance of good content that matters

The demand for content in today's connected world is massive. As of October 2018, there are approximately 4.2 billion active internet users with nearly 3.2 billion connected to various social media platforms.

Posted Monday, July 8, 2019

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In 2019, there will be 4.68 billion mobile users by the end of the year. This highlights just how many people have access to various forms of content and websites. Pretty staggering right?

Why does this matter when it comes to producing good content over just any content?

Well put simply; good content stands out. Think about the billions of people who access the internet every day on various devices and platforms. You access the internet to find solutions to your problems or search for something that is relevant to your immediate needs. If you find yourself looking at something that isn’t helpful, incomplete or irrelevant to what you were looking for, you are more than likely going to search in other places.

However, if you have good relevant content this makes your brand stronger and delivering you to customers web searches. Your SEO rankings are likely going to be better in delivering your target audiences to you. When audiences arrive on your site, that content will need to solve the problem of the user in a simple but humanistic way.

It's not just problem solving, it is showing the human value of your brand and company when visitors arrive that will make them want to connect with you through relatable content. This can provide unique insights and display the knowledge and expertise of your company. Continuous content shows that a company and/or brand listens engages in the industry and is aware of the main ongoing talking points. It proves they are experts at what they do and how they do it.

With social media playing a much bigger part in today's marketing, its important to cultivate regular fresh content. Social media marketing works on the premise of building a community around your company and brand through unique and original content. This community, in turn, becomes advocates and influencers for you often sharing that content and reaching new audiences.

As a result, the growing community will want regular, good relevant content that is a relatable community-wide. Relatability is important in order to help drive the community’s passion and interest in the company or brand. Through the production of good content, you can find out more about how your customers and communities really tick. When done right, good content should tell a story that is engaging. Whether that is telling the story of the company, a new product or stories of customer and community, it all matters. It should also be fit for purpose.

If you have low rates of engagement on your site and social media presence you will need to adjust accordingly. Good content needs to tell a story that is crafted smartly and informative in engaging with your audience to meet their needs; a necessity in today’s digital world. It simply is not enough to tell potential customers how great your product or services might be. You need to be providing helpful information that gets your audience interested. You have to prove that you understand your own product and services within the relevant industries. Conveying an understanding of your product and services in order to sell through content marketing.

By telling the story of the customer journey from beginning to end and when done right, could make customers more open to other products and services within the business. The power of good content marketing cannot be underestimated. There are plenty of examples and case studies that show how content marketing has worked for brands and individuals. Especially with some of the clients, we have worked with.

Astute Media has a proven track record of developing content marketing strategies with our clients. We work closely with clients to research and produce content that reflects our client’s knowledge and industry expertise.  We then implement this into the overall marketing strategy of clients and factor is other avenues our clients might wish to pursue such as building social media presence and communities. We can help get your content marketing off the ground through our concept, connect and control strategy and grow your business.

Instead of reading about successful campaigns online, we can help you to develop and become your own success story. Contact us today!