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What 2016 taught us about digital marketing!

As we’re now in our third week of 2017, what better time to look back and see what we learned in 2016! It was a great year for digital marketers, seeing many new trends that your business should exploit.

Posted Monday, July 8, 2019

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  1. Digital marketing has never been more important – most companies integrated the digital with traditional methods. With a consistently growing online world, many realised that relying on radio, TV and print was not enough!
  2. Quality content is essential – not only does it prioritise your website on search engines like Google, it means visitors are likely to return and share.
  3. Social media played a huge role in online marketing – these days it’s rarer to find someone who isn’t on social media. With its ‘real-time’ conversations, fast customer service, wide and quick reach, personal touch and relationship-building qualities, it is no wonder.
  4. Mobile traffic increased, meaning online marketing campaigns could be reached ‘on the go’ and on apps.
  5. Being relevant to current topics and events within marketing campaigns boosted traffic. Whether this was related to the President-Elect, Superbowl or Brexit, it was sure to draw in more traffic.
  6. Visual advertising emerged as a key player in 2016 – with Live Stream on Facebook and YouTube and image-led platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest playing a bigger role. You all remember the viral Mannequin Challenge, right?

I wonder what 2017 will bring the world of digital marketing!

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