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What is a Google partner and why is it important for your clients?

You may have seen on our site that there is a small icon that states that our company is a Google partner.  


Posted Monday, July 8, 2019

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It looks a little something like this:

What this means is the company you are looking at has taken a range of certified Google courses that require a high level of knowledge and expertise in running regular Google Ad campaigns. This is then defined by taking an extremely difficult examination based on the knowledge acquired. By displaying the badge on your website, you can convey to your visitors and clients that you are trusted by Google and have the qualifications to prove it.

When you are looking for a marketing agency that meets your needs, this is the kind of thing that you want to look for as an indication of the company’s skills and expertise. Google is one of the largest online advertising platforms in the world and in order to maximise your business's marketing strategy, you need to know how to navigate the platform. Every minute of the day Google conducts over 4.5 million searches which can be daunting if you are looking to grow your business online. This is where a Google partner comes in handy.

Qualified Google partners are masters of Google’s tools and what’s more, is they have access to beta features and applications. For you, as a client, it means you are future proofed because your Google partner will know what’s coming before it is released and will have intricate knowledge in implementation into your business and marketing strategies.

As a client, you also gain peace of mind knowing that a Google Partner has to meet the strict guidelines and standards that Google implements. It makes for effective and ethical marketing and as PPC best practices evolve so does your Google Partner.

For you as a client, marketing is all about gaining that return on investment and the Google partners programme is designed to make sure that happens.  Google Partners have top maintain a minimum ad spend, yearly tests and performance requirements to ensure that clients benefit just as much as the partner.

Astute Media has a proven track record of delivering PPC Google adverts and delivering a comprehensive package that will help deliver ROI. We continue to be part of the Google Partners programme and delivering for our clients.

If you want to know more about having a Google Partner involved in your marketing strategy, contact us and we will help you plot and navigate your strategies and ideas so that you can make the most of your marketing spend.