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Why social media marketing is so important

There was a time when social media was associated with personal use only. But now, most businesses feel they need to be exposed within the social media world. This is especially important with the increasing use of smartphones.

Posted Monday, July 8, 2019

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What are the benefits of social media marketing?

  1. Social media allows marketing campaigns to have a wide reach, instantly and on the go
  2. It can boost traffic and SEO ranking -  social media channels can bring in more traffic and they can appear in search engine results that increase your brand’s visibility
  3. It can increase brand loyalty and awareness – social media is about relationship building
  4. It can provide a customer service – social media conversations can be done in ‘real-time’, meaning you can communicate with your customers quickly and efficiently
  5. Social media can increase sales – use these channels to advertise your products/services quickly and take advantage of social media’s widespread reach
  6. Understand your customers better with social media– it is known customers often take to social media to chat about your brand, understand their preferences and your company’s sentiment
  7. Track your competitors so you can stay ahead of them!
  8. Social media is an affordable way to market your business – you can do a lot with a little budget
  9. Target your audience – social media tools allow you to choose a specific audience OR a wide audience, allowing you to reach new customers constantly
  10. Social media humanises your brand