Brand Development

Your company’s brand underpins all of your marketing activity. The brand is made up of various elements - your tone of voice, logo, colours, fonts and, most importantly, your brand’s positioning. We have over 30 years of successful experience in brand development.

  • Concept
  • Connect
  • Control

It is important to understand and establish the brand in order to be perceived in the right manner by your target audience. Only by aligning all elements of your brand can you develop and deliver your brand proposition and your brand message.

We help to develop brands via the following:

  • Understanding business objectives and aligning them with brand strategies
  • Developing brand name, logo and slogan to assist in communicating the brand
  • Identifying, researching and understanding the target audience
  • Developing brand positioning and establishing a brand’s identity
  • Creating messaging, content and a tone of voice strategy
  • Designing a website to emphasise and showcase a brand


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