Maxxis Global Website

Global Brand with Divergent Digital Presence

Maxxis tyres are in the top ten tyre manufacturers in the world. With distribution in approximately 180 countries, operations in Asia, Europe and North America, and 30,000+ employees. Maxxis is one of the largest and most respected tyre companies in the world. Pre 2014 there was no coherent digital strategy and territories were left to devise there online presence and direction. This meant that consumers were not receiving a consistent brand message throughout the globe. Restricting the growth of the Brand in this manner held Maxxis back from gaining a foothold in the digital marketplace.

Astute Media recognised this and through the development of the digital strategy devise d pathway that would allow the Brand to grow in the digital environment.

There were two parts to the solution, the first was to ensure data integrity, and in particular product information integrity. Images and specifications needed to be the same around the globe. This was done using a Central Database. Tyre specifications, dealer locations, sponsorship details, event details were all stored centrally and then shared via an API globally, allowing any country to access any of the data and serve, website, mobile applications etc.

The second part was to implement a CMS solution and website that would allow each country to have a similar website but deliver a ‘local’ marketing message. Umbraco allowed us to create a global solution with core coding shared by all countries, but giving everyone the ability to refine their marketing message tailored to their market.

First Full year 30% increase web sessions – 23% increase second year – 10% increase year 3

Post launch – key was the continual evolution in the content within the site and the overall marketing strategy being integrated with the digital pathway.