Polaris UK

Increasing social media posting across a dealer network

Polaris Great Britain distributes a range of power sports, all-terrain vehicles, and off-road innovations for recreation and utility markets through a dealer network across the UK.

The challenge:

Our challenge was to find a way in which the Polaris dealers could improve their digital and social presence, that would be both cost-effective and mutually beneficial. The objective was to get the dealer network maximising social media channels.

The approach: 

• Identify a cost-effective and scalable solution
for Polaris and their dealer network
• Complete an audit of existing social media channels
• To gain an understanding of each dealer’s social media skill level, by asking them to complete an online survey
• Combine the data and analytics to identify the knowledge gaps to be filled through additional support

Our solution:

We established that the best way forward was to create an online training course that would be accessible regardless of a dealer’s skill level and could be delivered at scale. The course would supply at least one new skill or piece of knowledge they could take away and implement into their existing digital and social media marketing strategies.

The course was designed with four core elements.

Connect – Why social media matters
Create – How to make high-quality visual content effortless and efficiently
Control – Develop a consistent posting program and utilise good social media practices
Google my Business - How to set up, use, and maximise

Dealers were invited to book onto courses through telemarketing to ensure maximum take-up.


"Thank you, for the course. You have answered many questions I have had for years!“

"Very informative with great tips on how to better Facebook content/posts. Good to know about free services that can be used and shown how to use."