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From profiles to tweets, content to hashtags, lists to networking, trends to monitoring - our course will ensure your business stands out.

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Twitter For Business

half day workshop - £125+VAT
online course

A comprehensive journey through Twitter to help you get the most out of the platform.

about this course

Twitter is a great social media communication platform and tool, but how do you make the most of it for your business? Our Twitter training course is designed specifically to answer that very question.

We will help you develop your profiles and share with you best practices for your business's profiles, comparing tweets and creating content. If you have ever wondered about the hashtags (#) you see on tweets, this is the perfect opportunity to see behind the mystery and understand more behind the purpose of hashtags and trends.

It's an interactive, workshop-style course that takes place over the course of half a day.

Our trainers welcome questions! Indeed the questions start from the moment you book - you'll receive an email asking you questions about what you hope to achieve, the objective being to answer these for you, during the course.

Afterwards you have the option, at no extra charge, to discuss the progress you have made and ask any further questions of your trainer. All our trainers are committed to making your business a success.

this course is designed for:

  • Sole traders
  • Business start ups
  • Small business owners
  • Professional services practices
  • Marketing managers
  • Social media managers
  • Customer service managers

We will help you tap into trends and show you how you can take advantage of trending content to grow your following. During the course you will also learn more about some of Twitter's other features like 'lists' which can help with lead generation and we will show you how to network like a boss.

You will also learn more about how to advertise on Twitter and understand why you should look at Twitter as part of your online digital marketing strategy.

Finally, we will walk you through useful tools that can help you monitor and grow your business's following and interactions on Twitter.  

this course will help you achieve your objectives whether they be:

  • Generating sales leads
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Building an online engaged community
  • Building marketing campaigns, community and events

Develop the core skills to take advantage of Twitter to grow your customers and audiences.

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